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Water Furnace and Heat Pump Services

Are you looking for an efficient way to warm and cool your home? You may want to consider an energy-efficient heat pump. Or perhaps, you're having problems with your current heat pump.

A heat pump can work especially well for Wisconsin homes.

Unlike traditional furnaces and air conditioning units, heat pumps do not actually generate heat. Instead, they move warm air to wherever it is needed or wanted. For example, in the winter months, heat is moved inside the house and, in the summer months, heat is vented outdoors. The result is a system that can provide up to four times the amount of energy it consumes.

Depending on the size of your house and your existing heating and cooling system, a Brad Webster & Sons service professional can recommend and install a heat pump that is right for your home. Likewise, if your existing unit is in need of repair, we can get it up and running again!



At the very least, we'd recommend a Heat Pump Tune-up which will:

  • Improve efficiency and prolong the life of existing equipment.
  • Ensure your unit is clean and has good air flow.
  • Provide better temperature and humidity control.

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